Original Oil Paintings of Paul MacWilliams

These are some of the original oil paintings of Paul MacWilliams. The reproductions seen here may not show how subtle and delicate the color and brushstrokes are. These works of art are not shipped with frames but they are all painted on standard size stretched canvas. Any good art supply store will have a selection of suitable ready-made frames at reasonable prices.

This is a contemporary view of Philadelphia's Independence Park completed in 2011. The size is 50in. x 70in.

Details of Independence Hall Painting

Details of Statehouse Painting

The Philadelphia Waterworks

This 24x36 oil on canvas study of the Philadelphia Waterworks was painted from the cliffs below the Art Museum. Lemon Hill, Boathouse Row, and even the baloon from the zoo can be seen from there.

The Guardian Angel

This 3 by 4 foot inspired painting by Paul MacWilliams was completed in 1996 and hung in an international show sponsored by Graystone Gallery in New York. This show called Cheribs and Angels was attended by Asian, European, and American artists and diplomats. This is one of two original oil paintings that were not for sale at that time and have been in private hands until resently. A homeless family sits on cardboard in a cold city ally. They look like refugees or possibly Mary and Joseph. They are supporting each other with their backs together against the elliments. They have their family intact and many millionaires have less than that. A gardian angel gently folds a blanket over them as they sleep. This painting has to be seen to appreciate the softness of the color. The figures seem to glow with their own light. The background is a deep dark rose, the color of burgundy wine. What a wonderful gift to your church to remind every one of the meaning of charity. This is one of the artists truely inspired original oil paintings.

Immigrants from Ellis Island

This is a 36x48in oil painting on stretched cotton canvas. There is a mottled amber varnish applied for an antique effect on the finished giclee prints. The immigrants to the new world are landing on a Manhattan dock after passing through Ellis Island, The steamship Admiral Putnam has just arrived, ferrying them across the harbor. The new Americans are awestruck by their first view of the bustling city before them. In the harbor beyond is the Statue of Liberty, in the mist beyond that is Ellis Island, beyond that is the old world and the past. Before them is a bright promise for their children and themselves This masterpiece will be a collectors dream and will grace your walls with the perfect expression of your love for your country and respect for it's humble beginnings. The promise of Ellis Island is what we all have in common as Americans. That which brought us here is that which binds us as one, the pursuit of religious freedom, the pursuit of happiness, the future of our children, and the strength to make the decision to leave all that we are comfortable with and pursue the promose of America. As original oil paintings go this is a beauty.

36x48in. Rittenhouse Square

24x48in. Boat House Row

24x36in Italian Market

Fresh From The Market

11x14in Tony

12x24in Headhouse Square

24x36in Bucks County Farmhouse

24x36in Logan Circle

24x36in Museum Circle

24x30in Landsman

24x30in Home for a Rest

8x10in Headhouse Market

15x30in Penn's Landing